I'm Emma Perry.

Nooooo I'm not a one year old as the photo suggests... I'm actually a fully-grown author! But the photo does show me taking my very first steps towards becoming an author. Even way back then in the dark ages I adored books. Sure I chewed the odd one (and there was that one time with the crayon), but we'll just put that down to untapped creativity. You'll be happy to know I do less book chewing now and much, much more book writing with my debut picture book publishing in February 2020 (hooray!).

I started fan-girling all things books from a very early age. One of my earliest memories is listening to Where The Wild Things Are at my play group. I still reach for that book today. For me, its final line, “and it was still hot”, is storytelling perfection! And see that photo of me as a two and a bit year old? Cute eh? Well, check out the steely-eyed determination. I needed Noddy to know that I was his biggest fan, so I made my parents send him a letter and that very photo. Truth be told, I’m still sort of doing the same thing today, but without my parents having to send off the letters of course.

See, I’m the founder of the award winning children’s book review site My Book Corner, I run International Book Giving Day and can always be found with a book or two tucked in my bag. I love keeping up-to-date with the very best in children’s literature and sharing it with the world. And as a primary school teacher I especially adore sharing those stories with my students.

I now live in Bath, UK, with my husband, two children, two cats and a big pile of books. Prior to that, all of us (not the cats!) spent a lovely five years in Melbourne, Australia, chatting to kookaburras and kangaroos, but failing miserably at learning to surf – though we did get very good at swatting flies. Growing wonky veggies in an allotment in Bath is much safer – and cooler!

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